Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!


Hello everyone! My name is Shan Zhang. Born and raised in Qingdao, I enjoy the city and living by the beach. Compared to other cities in China, Qingdao is very nice.Last week, I started working for InternChina. I think it is an interesting and fun company to work for. I had been thinking about doing an internship here for quite a while. I thought I would try my luck and sent in my application. To my surprise I got accepted and now have the chance to intern here.


I’m 27 years old, of average height and easy-going. In addition to my internship, I’m running an after school tutoring school with a close friend of mine for kids from 6-15 years old. I think it is a rewarding job and enjoy spending a lot of time with the children. Even though some of the children can be naughty the tutoring has taught me to become more patient and thoughtful. I really enjoy that job as it has been my dream to become a teacher since I was a child. At the moment, I’m also studying to get my qualification as a school teacher.

Assisting interns to get settled in a new city is a meaningful job for me, too. My colleagues at the office in Qingdao are really nice. I’m glad that I’ve become a member of this team. Being able to witness the different experiences that interns are having in Qingdao first-hand will be quite interesting. I’m already looking forward to meeting more interns. I believe I can learn a lot from working in this kind of environment and that I will have a great time here.

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