Hi from Qingdao

Hi from Qingdao


Hello, my name is Yiqing Wang – or you can also call me Mike. I’m from Qingdao, just graduated from Qingdao No.2 Middle School, and have been an intern at the Internchina office in Qingdao since June 18th. In August, I’m going to the US to begin my undergraduate studies.mike

As the new intern, I’m deeply impressed by the warm and helping atmosphere in the Internchina office! Everyone is so friendly and passionate about his/her job. If I have problems with the work I am unfamiliar with it is easy to get help from my experienced colleagues. As a Chinese person, I thought I would find it difficult to get along with colleagues from the UK or Germany due to the different cultural backgrounds, but they all turned out to be very friendly and caring!

My work at InternChina includes tasks such as contacting people from Qingdao to organize weekend and/or cultural activities and being a translator as we negotiate with companies which might need interns.

I am happy to work with the Internchina team, and appreciate this opportunity to practice my spoken English as well as improve my social skills, which are essential for the success of my future studies. I believe this working experience at Internchina will be very meaningful, enjoyable, and unforgettable!