Hidden Gems in Qingdao

Hidden Gems in Qingdao


1. Xiaoyushan 小鱼山The Little Fish Mountain or Little Fish Mountain Park, is a unique little park in the western part of Qingdao’s Shinan district. The park combines classical garden style construction with traditional Chinese architecture. The hill itself is only about 60 meters high, but given its location in the Huiquan Bay Area the view on top is amazing. We would especially recommend you to check it out during nighttime, as buildings will be lit up and admission will be free.

InternChina - View from Xiaoyushan
InternChina – View from Xiaoyushan

2. Fushan – Mount Fu
Given its size and location in the middle of town, calling the Fushan a hidden gem would be exaggerated. Even though part of the famous Laoshan Mountain Range, the Fushan has enjoyed not nearly as much tourist recognition as its counterpart. Therefore you will find little to none tourist development during your hike. However raw nature, a rough climb and an amazing view await you on top and you will hardly find anything comparable inside any other major Chinese city. On your trip to Fushan remember to bring a flashlight, to explore the long underground bunkers left behind by the Germans during colonial times.

InternChina - View from Mount Fu
InternChina – View from Mount Fu
InternChina - Bunker entrance on Mount Fu
InternChina – Bunker entrance on Mount Fu

3. Lotus Garden in Zhongshan Park
Qingdao is an incredibly lush city. Apart from countless parks and the Fushan with its surrounding forest, there is also the huge Zhongshan Park right in the centre of town. The vast 75 hectare park and it’s approximately 20,000 cherry trees are a major tourist attraction every year. Less well known is the beautiful little lotus garden located in the western corner of the park. There is a romantic little pagoda right in the middle of the lotus pond, which is an excellent place to take your special someone during a nice evening stroll.

InternChina - Lotus garden at Zhongshan Park
InternChina – Lotus garden at Zhongshan Park

4. Lennon Bar
Located on Zhuhai Road the Lennon Bar is a combination of Chinese restaurant and western Bar. The quirky style of decoration, good food and most of all nice (but reasonably priced) selection of beers, make the Lennon Bar a favorite among locals. As a special treat there is also a live band playing every evening.

InternChina - Lennon Bar live music
InternChina – Lennon Bar live music

5. The Hezhe Kitchen Restaurant 赫哲灶台酒店
Hidden in a small street close to the Wanda Plaza, the Hezhe Kitchen Restaurant is one of InternChina’s all-time favorite restaurants. It is hands down one of the best Dongbei restaurants in Qingdao (Dongbei being China’s Northeast), with its main selling point being the socialist inspired decoration, which has been carefully preserved through the decades. Your food will be served on authentic crockery from the Mao-Era, while portraits of Marx and Engels look down on you enjoying your food.