How business is done in Chengdu

How business is done in Chengdu


Where will you be living again in China? Chengdu! Chengdu? Yeah, Chengdu! I have never heard of it – where exactly is this? Is it near Beijing or Shanghai? What was it again? CHENGDU!

InternChina - Chengdu by night
InternChina – Chengdu by night

I can’t recall the amounts of times I had to answer this question prior to my arrival in Chengdu. Nobody really seemed to know about the city with 14 million people located further inland away from the more Western-friendly East coast of the country.

Beijing and Shanghai, cities who never sleep, who are always busy and hectic, loud and crowded. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect in a city like Chengdu. Once I got here, got adjusted to the life and the culture I indeed noticed some interesting and quite different things in the daily business life. The other day I went to a restaurant where they served the food within 5 minutes after ordering. If they didn’t bring it out in time, you would receive a discount on the meal. Overall the service in restaurants is really, really fast. The restaurant industry is booming, no matter if it is a street vendor, a 7/11 or a restaurant, you will always be able to find food at every hour of the day. A two hour lunch break that includes at least a 20 minute powernap is on every day’s agenda. Taxi driver for example just pull over at the side of the road and take their little timeout. The other day I witnessed someone taking a nap on a motorcycle. Things, you will never experience in Germany or other parts of Europe and it is just great to see how people maximize their time here. A friend told me that Chinese people who live outside of Chengdu move here for their retirement since life in Chengdu is a little more relaxed, easy, laid back and less crowded than the bigger cities. Time simply just plays a different role here compared to the Western world.

InternChina - the role of time
InternChina – the role of time

On the contrary business is growing really fast since Chengdu has already attracted 262 of the Fortune Global 500 companies in the world.
Chengdu is a really vibrant and exciting city with lots of things to see, to do, to experience and offers the perfect location for Western countries to do business. Chengdu is a hub city in Southwestern China and expects to welcome more foreign companies as it forms closer connections to the outside world and increases business opportunities. The city is growing rapidly. “Chengdu is a city with a long history and a variety of talents. With its growing advantages, from the humanities to the natural environment, it has become a new economic power in China’s western cities”, said Charles Cheung, the executive director of Dell China.
So Chengdu is not only chilled and easy, it is full of opportunities and things for you to learn. If you want to experience how business is done here and make your own memories, come to InternChina and make your wish come true.

InternChina - Panda
InternChina – Panda

Apply here if you want to come to Chengdu and experience the working life, diversity and crazyness yourself!