How to be a Bus Pro in Qingdao

How to be a Bus Pro in Qingdao


When coming to China, public transport seemed like a daunting task- particularly faced with copious amounts of people during rush hour! However, after 2 months here in Qingdao, I like to think I am adopting a Chinese attitude, particularly when getting the bus to the IC office every morning…

My top tip for getting the bus in China is to just go for it! Don’t bother queuing or letting people get in front of you, just go for it! That way you can get the best seat by the window- the top way to the see the city on your way to work! Occasionally you’ll get the odd person that will ask where you’re from and will try to practise their English with you, which is always interesting particularly on a packed bus with people looking at you! Although many Chinese commuters try to get in front of you, many take a relaxed attitude when waiting for the bus, namely this man- a normal sight to see in China… 

InternChina - A Chinese man waiting for the bus
InternChina – That’s one way to wait for the bus

I think the bus system is really easy to use here and if you are coming to China for the first time, I wouldn’t worry particularly with an Oyster card style bus card that allows you to beep and pay every time you get on the bus.

InternChina - Bus card
InternChina – Bus card

Baidu maps in general is a life saver that helps you to track where you go as you’re on the route, tell you which bus to get and how far away the bus is! You can even favourite places like the IC office, your work and your work that way you can even use it offline!

Now that you have these tips, catching the bus is a breeze! If you want to discover the city a bit more, click here.