How to write a good CV

How to write a good CV


Hi, it’s Miriam again. We get lots of questions about how to write a good CV. So thought I would help you out and write a short blog.

Applying for an internship or a job isn’t that difficult anymore- most of the time you can apply online. Just press the ‘Apply now’ button and fill in your name and some contact details. And then you’ll see something like ‘Upload your CV in English’. How to write a CV, what do they want to hear?

There are no exact rules to follow for writing a CV, and this is what makes it a little bit confusing sometimes. There is just one very important thing to keep in mind: the person who’s reading it will and wants to decide in a few seconds which kind of person they are dealing with.

So don’t waste the little space that you have for writing unnecessary stuff like every single school you visited as a child. Nobody will hire you because of your awesome education in elementary school. There is also no need to write ‘Curriculum Vitae’ in big letters on the top. The company is asking for your CV, so there’s no need to explain what it is- nobody will suggest it is a shopping list or an awkward poetry.

Just write the most important things you did and write when you did it. If you’re applying for an internship or a job in a Hospital, nobody will be interested in reading something about your summer job in a brewery. If you’re applying for an internship or a job in a restaurant it could be a nice thing to mention there.

There are no defined rules. There are just some helpful recommended practices:

  • Check which position you are applying for and create your CV suitable for that one position. Put your Career Objective in your CV, show them what you want and who you are.
  • Don’t put redundant information in it- when you write your name on it, you don’t need to explain that with saying name: before.
  • Your skills are the most important! Which languages are you able to speak and how good are you speaking which, what kind of IT knowledge do you have. Just remember: don’t write too much.
  • Write which kind of Activities you like. Most of the time it is easier to see what kind of person you are because of the things you are doing and that you like. When you are applying for a job as a Travel guide it is unnecessary there to write something about your passion for being alone at home and reading books- you like traveling and being with people!

Don’t write too much. If somebody has 43 different kind of favorite activities it won’t be that convincing.

  • Don’t write more than two pages. Nobody will have the time to read it then.
  • Write in one language!
  • Do not just write in which company you got some work experiences- explain what kind of company it was and what you did there.
  • Putting a picture, year of birth, nationality and gender into your CV is not desired in every country, but in China those information is very good to have.

Don’t be afraid of writing your CV. Make sure to let your family, teachers and frends read it so that they are able to give you different opinions on it. Every CV is unique and we are looking forwards to reading your Application. Just send it to: