IC Coming Together Again and Other Events

IC Coming Together Again and Other Events


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With the Ice Bucket Challenge drowning everything else on social media, I thought I’d stick to the charity theme with this post, but stay away from the ice cubes!

In China, virtually all the vast amount of charitable work is coordinated by government departments. However, many NGOs also operate in China and here at InternChina we are proud to work with some brilliant organisations in Zhuhai and Chengdu in particular.

In Zhuhai we have been involved in coordinating an annual charity event called Come Together for 3 years – www.ctcommunity.org. The event raises money for the Zhuhai Autism Society and CPAZ, a children’s charity we have also placed interns with in the past. CPAZ supports families who cannot afford the basic equipment, travel and lunch costs for their children at school, as well as providing school fees for children from migrant families who do not have access to free education. It’s a brilliant cause and IC are very proud to be involved! I am visiting Zhuhai in a couple of weeks and am excited about Come Together 2014 on the 13th September!

In Chengdu we are also organising a charity event on 14th September. The inaugural Chengdu Charity Football Tournament, which we are organising alongside the British Chamber of Commerce SW China, will support the Chengdu NGO ‘CRDF’. The Chinese Relief & Development foundation (CRDF) provides relief for victims of natural disasters, primarily in Sichuan province. We have placed several interns with the NGO and are very proud to support their work in Chengdu.

Our NGO internships are listed here: https://internchina.com/law-ngo-internships-in-zhuhai/ and here https://internchina.com/law-ngo-internships-in-chengdu/.

Get in touch for more information about attending our charity events or donating to the good causes we support!