Ice-Skating in Marina City

Ice-Skating in Marina City

InternChina- The Qingdao interns go ice skating in Marina City

InternChina- Some interns could skate better than others!

InternChina- Rita from InternChina’s Master Yen

Like prima-ballerinas we were hovering over the ice, with triple loop jumps and artistic figures, impressing the young Chinese audience with an outstanding performance.

Well, at least kind of… It was more polishing the ice with our bottoms than moving like ice-princesses.

Looking a little insecure with blades under the feet most of us where stuck to the walls of the ice rink or anyone still standing when our skating event started. After a few careful steps most of us were able to make their first slow rounds through the rink, except our 2 Chinese ladies who already had a few ice-booty contacts trying to get away from the wall.

Only real pro was Dima, who was impressing the ladies with a racy and powerful free skate, 10 points for that!

But back to those still trying… After a few rounds where everyone had taken Rita’s hand trying to explain the best way not to fall, she finally found her master. 7 year old Chinese boy, judging from his equipment of helmet and full-body protectors obviously familiar with ice-body contact, was patient enough to tease out Rita’s hidden talent.

Winged by our success on the ice (and not distracted by green and blue bottoms), we will definitely improve our skills next time. Feel free to join us! 🙂

Cheers, Franzi