Imperial Hot Springs Zhuhai

Imperial Hot Springs Zhuhai


What would be a better option than going to a hot spring on a cold and rainy day in January? What if you just want to relax and maybe cure your hangover? Hot Springs? For suuuuuure!

So we put our bikinis and swimmming trunks on, jumped into a cab as we were running late and headed out to Doumen. The taxi ride takes about one hour, and costs 130RMB.

This is the address you would need to show the driver: 广东省珠海市斗门区斗门镇黄杨大道西珠海御温泉, Huangyang Av. West, Doumen, Zhuhai

Once there you can enter a wonderful world of 30 different hotsprings with different fragrances, temperatures and sizes. You will get slippers, towels and a rope. Your stuff will be placed securely in a locker.

Also included in the 168 RMB entrance fee are free sandwiches, fruits and various drinks, like water, coke, tea and coffee.

If you are tired of chilling in the hot springs or it simply got too hot for you, you can take a nap on the hot stones. There are also different extra services you can choose from like backrubs and massages, but this will be at additional costs.

Once you are finished have a shower, shampoo, conditioner and body soap get provided, so you can go home clean and relaxed.

If you are looking for a cheaper way of transportation take bus 609 back home. It only costs 6 RMB but takes about one and a half hours if the traffic is good.

My personal recommendation is the Coffee Hot Spring. Just aaaawweeesome!