In-Person Internships

In-person Internships

Give students genuine experience working for a global organisation

Our in-person programmes are way more than work experience. We provide internships underpinned by structured learning outcomes, opportunities for personal and professional development, and engagement with our global community of interns and businesses. All this and a truly unforgettable international experience, with personalised support every step of the way.

Core Competencies

Our in-person internships are designed to develop students’ abilities in eight key areas.


Average competency improvements for our in-person internships 2022/23.

What's Included?


6-12 week (unpaid) internships in your students’ chosen destination, sector and host company.

Student Marketing

Digital and in-person marketing activities, a custom landing page, social media pack and live online programme information sessions.

Student Placements

We’ll liaise with students and host companies to find the right match, organise interviews, secure internship offers and set up onboarding calls.


Weekly check-ins, ongoing personal support, sector-leading mental health support and 24/7 on-site emergency assistance.


Private rooms are inclusive of all bills and wifi and located on good transport links, with other students on the programme.


Comprehensive student visa support, programme logistics and legal paperwork.

Skills Courses

Lifetime access to our online language classes and skills courses focused on improving employability, cultural fluency and digital skills.

Personal Development

Personalised internship plans, progress checks and weekly journaling and self-reflection exercises.


Organised events, trips, dinners, and weekend activities throughout the programme.


Onboarding webinars, airport pickups, accommodation transfers, welcome packs and detailed orientations with our in-country staff.

Careers Advice

Personal coaching chats and careers coaching calls with international employability experts.

Alumni Network

Access to our global community of professionals who regularly share news, graduate job openings and event invitations.

Pagoda Portal

All programmes are managed on the Pagoda Portal - a digital hub for our student community. This is where students can track their progress, register for events, access skills courses, network with other interns and request additional support.

Programme Breakdown

We work with hundreds of companies around the world, from big crypto consultancies to sustainability start-ups. All are vetted to the highest standards to ensure they can provide consistently high-quality internships for all students, at the right academic level. 

Structured learning, personal development plans and networking opportunities provide students with a well-rounded experience, geared towards improving their international employability. We measure this success against eight core competency improvements.

Alongside their internship, students can boost their personal and professional development by taking part in Pagoda-run events, drop-in sessions, webinars and workshops. This year’s events include careers drop-ins, networking workshops, Mindset Training, and webinars on productivity and accessing the ‘hidden’ job market.

We’re more than just an internships provider. Our in-country staff make our programmes an unforgettable global experience. Whether it’s picking students up at the airport or accompanying them to their first day at the office, we go the extra mile to make students feel happy and at home with us.

During each programme, we organise social events, tourist activities, weekend trips and networking dinners to encourage students to socialise and help them make the most of their time overseas. This means students can explore their host country, with their own personal tour guide.

Our online skills courses are included in every Pagoda programme. Designed to improve Employability, Digital Competency and Intercultural Fluency, they provide students with the skills and agility needed to thrive in an international workplace. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate to keep, post on LinkedIn and show to future employers. 

  • Course 1 – Intercultural Fluency
    This course provides an understanding of the importance of adaptability when communicating with people from other cultures, in the workplace and society. We focus on the foundations of intercultural understanding and develop students’ cultural fluency with examples from China, Mexico and Vietnam.
    Competencies: Teamwork & Collaboration / Intercultural Fluency / Communication
  • Course 2 – Digital Competency
    This course provides the fundamentals of digital networking, digital marketing and digital presentation skills. Students will learn to use LinkedIn for personal promotion, get to grips with the basics of Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing, and improve their public speaking skills.
    Competencies: Professionalism / Teamwork & Collaboration / Career Development / Digital Fluency
  • Course 3 – Employability Skills
    This course equips students with the tools to identify their current skill set and understand the skills needed to enhance career readiness. Self-awareness exercises will build confidence for students looking to apply their skills to different specifications when applying for jobs in the future.
    Competencies: Professionalism / Career Development / Leadership
  • Course 4 – Workplace Basics
    This course provides an understanding of the skills required to succeed in a remote workplace. We focus on key skills such as productivity, time management, communication and the use of digital platforms, and the importance of being adaptable when working in a global, professional environment.
    Competencies: Communication / Critical Thinking / Digital Fluency / Teamwork & Collaboration

Ensuring all students are happy and feel supported during their internship is our number one priority. Pagoda has worked with UK-qualified psychologists and consulted global organisations to develop sector-leading mental health support for all participants, in all our programmes.

Students are personally mentored through the application process to secure internships with the right companies and prepare for their time abroad. Our personalised level of in-country support includes weekly check-ins, careers coaching, one-on-one support and 24/7 emergency support. 

Weekly journaling and self-reflection exercises encourage students to think critically about how to articulate their experiences to future employers. Our alumni network provides continuous support for students in the form of news, events, graduate job openings and opportunities for further study.

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