InternChina Activity: Beer Museum

InternChina Activity: Beer Museum

The sun is shining and the birds are singing on this cold Saturday morning in Qingdao and where better to go than the Beer Museum!


Myself and the interns met at the usual spot and hitched a cab to Beer Street. This is the road with the museum at its centre where every doorway leads to a keg or two and a bag to fill…

InternChina – Beer Museum

InternChina – Factory

So, the museum itself is also the Brewery. You can wander around the different out-buildings and learn about its history and how the beer is made.

What did you learn I hear you ask?


Well in building A we learned about TsingTao’s history and its creators:
The Brewery was founded by The Anglo-German Brewery Co. Ltd., an English-German joint stock company based in Hong Kong who owned it until 1916. The brewery was founded on August 15, 1903 as the Germania-Brauerei (Germania Brewery) and combined advanced Western technology with Chinese culture. After nigh-on a century Qingdao beer now has 15% of the domestic market share. Tsingtao Beer was introduced to the United States in 1972, and soon became the top-selling Chinese beer in the U.S. market; it has maintained this leadership within the United States ever since, despite increasing competition from other well known Chinese beer brands, Zhujiang and Yanjing. The Tsingtao brand is sold in 62 countries and regions around the world[6] and accounts for more than 50% of China’s beer exports. Oh and the logo on the bottle is ZhanQiao.. which can also be found in Qingdao –

InternChina – Tsingtao Beer

In building B we got to see how the beer is made –


I got to taste the grain, see the machines which mash it, stir it, hop it, cook it… and I still have no idea how it’s made.


We also watched a 2 minute video of a man writing on his clipboard but even this didn’t help!


But, we had a laugh, took some pictures, touched things we shouldn’t touch and tried some raw AND refined beer. So all in all, a successful learning experience.

InternChina – Cheers

Moving on to the final part of the tour there was the ‘not quite generic’ souvenir shop which sold all of the usual overpriced Tsingtao branded guff, but also other random items which looked like they had been chosen from the 1970’s generation game.. like this little beauty for example –

InternChina – Skull

Now if anyone can tell me the link between a skull shape telephone and beer, then I will buy you a bottle of Qingdao’s finest myself!


InternChina – Drunken Room

Aside from this shop there is a ‘Drunken room’… which is simply a slanted room but makes you feel like you’ve actually been on a crazy booze fueled bender.. the only thing missing was the kebab at the end!


And there, hangover free, we ended our tour. This is the beer street at night and the sight we were greeted with upon exit –

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the rest of the pics below. If you would like to see some videos of our events then take a look at our MEDIA page… then if you want to come and try fresh Qingdao beer for yourself or join us on our next trip – don’t forget to Apply Now!


See you soon!