InternChina FuShan Trip

InternChina FuShan Trip

For our weekly InternChina trip, we planned to climb on the Fushan Mountain here in Qingdao. As the weather was really nice and sunny and not too cold not too hot we decided to conquer FuShan!!

FuShan is a very popular hiking alternative, but still it is not the highest mountain. The highest and biggest mountain here in Qingdao is the Laoshan Mountain, we will also plan a trip to Laoshan in the next weeks! Climbing the FuShan Mountain is really worth it, you will have 360° panoramic views of Qingdao.

We met all on Sunday morning at 12 o clock. We were a big group about 20 people, who were excited to climb the mountain. No one of the group had been to the FuShan Mountain before; therefore it was a big challenge to get to the FusShan Mountain, because there are a lot of different entrances all around the huge mountain. We decided to take taxis, in total we needed about 5-6 taxis to get there. I was in the taxi with 3 new interns, so we had no clue how the FuShan Mountain actually looks like. As we arrived we recognized that we are the only ones there, the rest of the group was missing. The problem was that the mountain was so big and the cab driver drops everyone out around FuShan. But, at the end we all found together and it was really funny.

Actually, we thought we will have stairs to get on the top of the mountain, but as I said before no one of us were at FuShan before; no one had an idea of which path to follow. Therefore, we always voted which way to take and it was not always correct but good we had a lot of fun picking a way randomly by voting! We were climbing the mountain and it got higher and higher and also more dangerous. I was really afraid to fall down, because the path to get up was so small and you had no possibility to hold on something. But luckily we had some strong guys in our group who helped us always.

Finally, we reached the top of the mountain with a lot of effort. But this effort was really worth it!! The view from the top of the mountain is more than words can say!! You have a beautiful and clear view over the whole city. After a small repose on the top, we had some beers and food to refuel some energy! We had the opportunity to take a lot of beautiful pictures on the mountain and saved some awesome memories!

And now climbing back down the mountain, this was the most challenging and difficult part of all!! We thought again that we will have stairs to get down the mountain, but again we couldn’t find the stairs.

Unfortunately, we took the most difficult and exciting path!!Getting down the mountain is actually always faster than getting up, but this time to get down was not that quick. It was an incredible feeling to get down the mountain, because left and right were nothing to hold on! But luckily, we all got down safely and made one of the best experiences here in Qingdao!!!

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