InternChina Movie Time – 2

InternChina Movie Time – 2

InternChina – Redcliff



Red Cliff is an epic war film based on the Battle of Red Cliffs in 208-9 AD and the events surrounding the end of the Han dynasty. Southern warlords (Sun Quan and Liu Bei) join forces against the Prime Minister Cao Cao and begin a war that cumulates at the Red Cliffs. It is a sensational war film: the outnumbered good guys attempt to defeat the evil ruler.

Why watch this movie:

Directed by the famous John Woo, this was the most expensive financed Asian film to date, with a budget of over US$80 million. In China it was released in two parts, in total over four hours of film. In the UK they released a two and a half hour version of the film which is often shown on Channel 4! It is a good watch, although I would definitely suggest watching the shorterned version (unless you have a lot of time on your hands, or want a 4 hour Chinese lesson!). It is similar to any other exciting war film, providing you a chance to get a feel for how a war may have come about in ancient China. Although only said to be 50% factual, you can still learn about this battle, which is said to be like China’ s very own Battle of Hastings.

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