InternChina SPA Day

InternChina SPA Day

If anybody is wondering how it is possible to work that hard and still be in an awesome mood every day- easy thing to do when you are living in China. Just rent a car and spend the whole day in a SPA!

Sunday 10 am- get into the car, drive through Zhuhai for one and a half hours and take a little break at the Jin Tai temple, right next to a wonderful blue lake. Having Lunch in a wonderful restaurant, where you can choose the fish they’re catching for you then.

InternChina – Lake in Doumen

Take a little walk- check! Do a little prayer in a temple- check! See some snakes on the street- check! Having a really good Chinese lunch- check! Time to jump into a hot spring, time to relax!

InternChina – SPA

The Yue Wen Quan SPA, also known as Imperial Hot Spring Resort in Doumen (Zhuhai Western Area) is one of the most famous open air hot springs in Guangdong. It has natural warm spring water, which is used since the age of the Tang Dynasty to cure all diseases, such as rheumatism, and to preserve the face, to sooth the nerves and to arrest convulsions. Because of its very high mineral content the hot spring water has more than 20 kinds of health care functions. Therefore a hot spring is also called ‘holy water’.

InternChina – Hot Spring

But what is a hot spring? It is produced be the emergence of geothermal heated groundwater. So, the heat of the Earth’s mantle is heating the water as long as the water is getting deeply enough into the crust. It will become warm then when it’s getting in contact with the hot rocks. The Yue Wen Quan SPA is one of those places where the earth heats the water, which is coming out then.

InternChina – Hot Spriiiing

In a really nice atmosphere you can relax in all the different pools and can take a bath in different kinds of tea, coffee and wine, as well as salty water, Coconut milk- or fruit water. Or you just can take a rest on one of the several hot stones. So, everybody feels healthy, relaxed and beautiful now. Let a new week begin!

If you also want to relax in the hot springs of Zhuhai, just send a mail with attached CV and Cover Letter to or apply directly through our website!