InternChina’s Jiaozi Cooking Class

InternChina’s Jiaozi Cooking Class

Last Saturday, we had a new InternChina Event I want to tell you about. We invited interns and friends to Jenny’s apartment to learn how to make Dumplings/Jiaozi/饺子. As you might know, Jenny and me learned how to make them a couple of weeks ago (read all about it in this (German) blog), so of course we also wanted to impress our teachers Lizy and Richard with our skills.

We met in the morning at around 12 o’clock in front of Jusco and started our shopping. I think for all the Chinese people it was quite obvious what we were up to and we earned a lot of approving looks and glances. We needed around 1h to do all the shopping and had to carry 8 bunches of jiucai, more than 1Kg of meat, 1L oil, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar and a lot of other stuff home.

Already knowing that preparations take a long time, we started right away. Our original plan was to go shopping early, take a break, do more shopping (drinks and all the stuff we forgot), take another break, then start preparing. In the end it was going shopping around lunch time (my fault, had to sleep in), then go shopping again because we couldn’t carry everything and then start preparing because it was already quite late!

InternChina – Preparation

InternChina – Cooking

At around 5 o’clock I went outside to pick everyone up (we were a little afraid someone might get lost in Jenny’s living compound) and after everyone had time to admire our preparational work, we started making Jiaozi right away. Lizy and Richard, as well as Amber were really good at explaining different techniques. 🙂

We had only one rule (made by Jenny): If you want to eat much, you also have to make many Jiaozi! (Jack, Leo and Lei Sheng successfully ignored that rule 😉 )

Leo invented a new Snickers-Jiaozi. We are still wondering when they will first appear in Chinese supermarkets. They are definitely going to be a great hit!

InternChina – Snickers!


After everybody ate their fill, we started to get ready to go out. Qingdaos InterConti was hosting an open Mic night, where chinese comedians (whom we missed) were to perform and one of the local bands.

The evening was definitely a lot of fun and I figuered that we not only have cool interns here in Qingdao, but also interns who are more than talented at making Jiaozi!

You want to join our future activities? Send us an email or apply directly, we are looking forward to meeting you!