InternChina’s Qingdao Host-Family Lunch

InternChina’s Qingdao Host-Family Lunch

InternChina – Host Family Dinner

Last week on Sunday 2nd December, InternChina’s Qingdao office organized lunch buffet in Qingdao’s famous Copthorne Hotel (国敦大酒店).

We invited all our host families to say thank you for so many years of co-operation: Putting up with different students from all over the world, treating them like family members and taking time to integrate them into their families is a lot to ask and we know that!

InternChina – Delicious Food

Staying in a host-family means a lot of effort for both sides: The student has to get used to a completely different way of life and has to integrate him- or herself into Chinese family life and the Chinese family has to learn about a new culture, too.
But staying in a Chinese family will mean a big boost for your Chinese knowledge. It’s one of the best ways to learn Mandarin Chinese, and there is no need to be afraid, all our host-families have a least one person who is able to speak English. Our host-families are also very caring. They provide breakfast and dinner for all our students and sometimes will also take you to enjoy family activities on the weekends, that’s why we thought a mixed lunch would be perfect for everyone. Combining Western and Chinese cuisine, making both sides more eager to know more about the other – you will not only learn about Chinese culture but also about your own. Being a part of a Chinese family will be a unique chance and we want to thank all our host-families to make this great experience possible!

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