Internship is part of my studies

Internship is part of my studies

Hey there,

You are looking for an internship in China because it is mandatory for your studies? You are not alone!

Every day, we are getting a lot of requests from students, who need to do an internship as part of their studies. We are aware that nowadays modern universities are requiring their students to actually spend some time in a real-life working environment.
Students often underestimate on the other hand, how much competition they have and start searching for internships way too late. Especially in China, companies often don’t reply and leave you alone in such an important situation.

That’s why we want to give you a few tips for your mandatory internship (German: “Pflichtpraktikum”):
1. Application deadline: Check with your university, when you have to confirm your internship with them. They usually give you enough time, you just need to start researching for an internship early enough.

2. Documents for the university: Find the necessary documents your internship company needs to fill in and add them to your application documents.

3. Research: Contact your university career department or International Office. They usually have good contacts to companies or recommend you partners who can help you with finding an internship in China. A lot of universities offer free access to jobboards where companies post their internship offers. There are also commercial jobboards (e.g. or, on which you can find good offers.

Focus on your keywords: Use suitable keywords, try different combinations and don’t give up too quickly! Sometimes you need to click yourself through plenty of pages before you can find a suitable offer for yourself!

Be aware of black sheep: There are companies which offer you an internship for crazily high prices! More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. Have a look, whether they would go the extra mile for you.

4. Find the internship you want: If you are finished with your research and your application documents are ready to be sent out, it is time to start the application process!

On our website you have the possibility to type in your requirements for a mandatory internship. That way, we can recommend you the most suitable companies and finally you can get the internship you want!
We wish you good luck with your application and hopefully can welcome you for an internship soon!

If you want to know with which universities InternChina is co-operating, please see our website: university partners. If you are not sure how to write a good CV, please contact our office managers Jack,  Paul or Morgan directly!