Internship Reference: QDSC02

Company Description:

This start-up is China’s first Consultancy Company to take into consideration the influence that Environmental Psychology (EP) has on language learning and personal development. Through event planning and management, they design learning environments to help individuals maximize their learning outcomes. The start-up environment is a very fast-paced environment and participants should be prepared for a more flexible internship experience.

As they are promoting a rather abstract concept, this company organises lots of events to: 1) promote the company and its field of activity 2) make more people experience for themselves the differences between a learning environment tailored with EP knowledge compared to a traditional one 3) promote the idea that learning happens everywhere, in multiple forms.

Internship Position:

Environmental Psychologist

Internship Description:

  • Taking part in the event planning processes in order to better understand the company’s operations.
  • Collecting data during the organized events (e.g. observations and other necessary EP analysis tools, from case to case).
  • Analyzing collected data and writing reports based on the observations performed during the events with the aim to deliver feedback to venue owners, as well as to inform the development of technical tools that can be used in obtaining more data for performing POEs (Post-Occupancy Evaluation Studies).
  • Writing articles based on written reports to be published in magazines, on social media etc as part of the company’s marketing campaign aimed at promoting more the EP field and the company’s activities as a consequence.
  • Bringing an active contribution to the development of the company through existing personal and professional experience, as well as through careful on-the-job observations.
  • Contributing to the development of the brand by potentially creating graphic visual material to accompany the reports and articles produced by the company (e.g. pictures, schemas, posters etc).
  • Potentially taking part in organizing thematic events and workshops that will actively contribute to the promotion of the EP field both in China and abroad.
  • Ad-hoc support as required.

Internship Requirements:

  • Background in psychology (either bachelor or masters) or background in architecture with interest in psychology
  • Highly motivated, eager to learn new things and willing to make an active contribution towards the promotion of EP as a research field both in China and abroad
  • Resilient person with a strong sense of responsibility
  • Willing to learn Chinese language and adapt to the local culture while actively contributing to the building of cross-cultural dialog. Command of any other foreign languages is a plus.
  • Preferably, but not mandatory, having a background in design fields (e.g. graphic design, architecture, urban planning etc)
  • Flexible attitude and willingness to do a range of tasks (sometimes outside of the job description) to support the project
  • Competence in using data analysis software (SPSS, NViVo etc), Microsoft Office Suite and preferably, not mandatory, use of CAD Software and Photoshop