Internship with InternChina

Internship with InternChina


It’s Hanna again! Today I want to tell you what is like to do an internship with InternChina in the InternChina Office! Best to start at the beginning I think…

So a couple of months ago, I decided to search for an Internship in China. I was not really a 100% fixed on what to do, just basically interested in learning something new and, uhm, have something ‘to do with people’. Yeah not really precise for someone who is looking for an internship/job, I know, but for me, that’s the way it works. 😉

I browsed a lot of Jobboards, with mostly jobs I didn’t want to do, but also stumbled over an InternChina add. After taking a look at the website, I decided to apply. Luckily, Jamie’s email address was included, because the provided online-form was not working.
After one day I already got a reply from Jenny, which really surprised me because most companies need a lot longer to answer your mails…the rest is quite boring (just organizational stuff etc.), so I skip some time: Beginning of November I arrived in Qingdao and was picked up at the airport by Jack, with whom I was sharing an apartment.

You feel very welcome when you arrive at the InternChina office, you are not treated as “just some intern” and my first day at work was quite relaxed – I had to get organized, install some programs on my computer, get all the passwords and email addresses. Then I had a chat with Jenny and Jack about what my tasks will be, what I expect from them and what they expect from me.

The first weeks I started with getting used to the company’s working structure. I wrote some blogs, started to take care of some marketing tasks. My tasks are mainly taking care of the marketing, like working on Jobboards, doing the Social Networks, but also organizing a Summer School. To be honest, the marketing takes already a lot of the time, which is also partly due to the quite slow Chinese internet, but also because it is not just posting a few sentences or ads, but thinking about what you post how and where, who you want to reach and what you want to say.

I also do some stuff on our website and started to learn how to formulate internship-offers.
Also an important part of InternChina – which I like very much – is organizing dinners (and sometimes activities) with the other interns. It’s a good opportunity to meet other people and learn what an internship in other companies is like.

The city itself is also a beautiful place. I have travelled China quite a lot, and Qingdao – which is the city with the best living quality in China – has definitely become one of my favorite places. The atmosphere is laid-back, people are friendly and weather is really good. From the office you have a wonderful view on the 2008 Olympic Sailing Centre and the ocean, which I enjoy every day.

So to sum up, doing an internship in the InterChina office is far from the typical “intern-making-coffee”-internship! 🙂

If I could awaken your interest to come to China and do an internship with us, please have a look at our website or send us an email to We are looking forward to hear from you!