Internship with InternChina

Internship with InternChina

InternChina- Zhuhai’s new intern Phillipe meets Jackie Chan!

Hello everyone!

My name is Philippe Touzin (half French/ half Swedish) and I have recently joined InternChina in Zhuhai, I work as an intern in the company. However I have no feeling whatsoever of being an “Intern”, I feel more like a full time employee with several duties, responsibilities; and I love it!! My tasks are varied and challenging, they range from marketing with contacting Universities and institutions to look for interested “to be” interns, then to researching , and contacting local International and national companies so as to arrange a meeting and explain them the wonders of having a intern and its mutual benefits. I find this work is very rewarding due to being able to pick the best companies to work for in Zhuhai for the students and young professionals going through InternChina. InternChina is a great example of a company with great internships  China. I studied International Business with Chinese at University, so I know the theory behind running a company, but InternChina is small enough that I am able to understand how exactly a company is run and being given tasks in actually running and searching for ways in how to improve it! Yet it is big enough that I get to see the International dealings of the company and go out to meet companies to increase its partner Companies. I get to live a business life where I work hard, nevertheless, being in Zhuhai where there is a beach, palm trees and a multitude of activities to do, I still live a life where I can enjoy myself, thus not the full corporate life style and I am so happy about this. It is a great transition from being a motivated student to being a working man with responsibilities and time to enjoy myself being young. I highly recommend doing an Internship in Zhuhai with any company as you will get the experience you desire for yourself and your CV, yet you will also be able to enjoy the greatness of living in the tropics.

I am off to the beach, so I hope to see you soon!