Internship Reference: ZHIT05

Company Description:

This Hong Kong company has branches based in Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau and Auckland, New Zealand. They deal with technologies which aim to improve banking, documentation automation, and ATM software. This includes developing A.I. technologies linked closely to banking to improve security and allow better analysis of data. This company is looking to develop, especially within China, and wants to offer the opportunity to properly train and learn about their business and company.

Internship Position:

Application Developer intern for A.I. Project

Internship Description:

This intern will participate in developing applications linked to the A.I. banking project currently being developed by the company. Their tasks would include using multiple software programs to assist setting up and planning the application. They will be under daily guidance from a supervisor who will help them to learn more about the software and new technologies.

Internship Requirements:

  • Qualifications: Intern or Fresh Graduate in Computer Science / ICT / Information Technology
  • Be familiar with JavaScript, ES6 etc
  • Knowledge of Node.Js and frameworks, such as Express, StrongLoop, etc
  • Good understanding of server-side templating languages{{such as Jade, EJS, etc}} and server-side CSS preprocessors {{such as Stylus, Less, etc}}
  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as HTML5, and CSS3
  • Understanding accessibility and security compliance, User authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments
  • Integration of multiple data sources and databases into one system
  • Understanding differences between multiple delivery platforms, such as mobile vs.desktop, and optimizing output to match the specific platform
  • Creating database schemas that represent and support business processes
  • Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git.