Internship Reference: ZHEN12

Company Introduction:

This Australian owned company’s business is all about reducing costs, ensuring quality and thereby creating value together in partnership with their clients and top China OEM factories. This is a fast growing company and is quickly expanding within China and Internationally. They reduce costs through identifying the most efficient Chinese manufactures, connecting clients with them directly, utilizing local input-cost and pricing knowledge, optimizing logistics and grouping buying power from several clients with similar sourcing needs. It manages the entire China supply chain – factory sourcing, production planning, quality assurance and logistics, providing a single dependable point of contact across multiple time zones, for all technical and commercial issues.

Mechanical Production Engineering Interns are required for research benchmarking. You will be involved with all aspects of their operation and will reach a complete understanding of how a foreign business is conducted in China. The company is widely involved with national and international trade fairs in which interns may also take part.

It offers a very rounded, all-encompassing experience, suitable if you are interested in all aspects of an International Company. You will be involved in some processing and projects within the engineering team: Carrying out testing and development of the company’s products.  In addition to this, you will also be responsible for managing client mail, monitoring replies from Chinese staff as well as looking to fulfill internal operational improvements.

Internship Position:

Engineering Intern

Internship Description:

  • Assist the Engineering Team
  • Perform audits, write reports, conduct tests, and accompany the engineering staff on factory trips.
  • They would perform quality control checks at the factory.


  • Mechanical/Production Engineering or related majors
  • Being able to work in a small team
  • Being able to work with minimal supervision