(Ref.: ZHEN01)

Company Description:

We are a Brit owned and Brit operated design, development and manufacturing organization with offices in the UK, US, Canada, Croatia and, of course, China. Our core capabilities lie in delivering Chinese manufactured products involving new or significantly re-developed products for the Western market. As a sideline, we have also helped UK and US companies to move production to China with the minimum of disruption to their businesses. With a growing team of engineers in many fields we are confident that no product is out of range of capabilities no matter how far along development or production it is. We are capable of doing all aspects in getting an idea to market. From the design work and R&D, through prototyping and tooling the moulds. We then write the quality assurance plan and design the production plan to carefully follow this through until production is finished. Delivery of goods is flexible in that we can store in our warehouses, drop ship or send all at once.
Number of employees: 25

Internship Position:

Engineering Intern

Internship Description:

Assist the development team with ongoing projects. We work with various international clients on wide variety of products, from home goods, pet products, mobile devices, etc.


  • Have or are gaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering or another Engineering Degree
  • Knowledge of Solidworks, Adobe CS and/or other related Engineering software packages
  • Strong sketching skills
  • Model making experience (sewing, foam core, 3D printing)
  • Speaks mandarin would be a benefit