Company Introduction:

This company is a British owned and operated design, development, and manufacturing organization with offices in the UK, US, Canada, Croatia and, of course, China. Its core capabilities lie in delivering Chinese manufactured products involving new or significantly re-developed products for the Western market. As a sideline, it has also helped UK and US companies to move production to China with the minimum of disruption to their businesses.

Number of employees: 25

Internship Position:

Sales, marketing, admin & Brand Management Intern

Internship Description:

  • Generate new sales leads, manage existing contacts and assist with ongoing Projects
  • Create and develop existing marketing channels
  • Work with agents in Europe and America
  • Perform administration and assist colleagues with their daily admin

The company has several spin-off brands such as a Kite-Surfing brand, printer consumables, medical products and even a bar! The intern can work on developing all aspects of certain brands, from image design, branding, marketing, handling inquiries and processing orders.