Position Code: LISBS17

Company Introduction:

This non-profit alliance is a private, national and international, independent and non-profit social legal entity in a legal context whose general purpose is the development of a universal ecosystem that brings together companies, academia, and government entities in order to promote and contribute to the study and dissemination of new disruptive technologies and their impact on the economy, society and the environment as well as on the construction and development of solutions based on these new technologies. Likewise, the Alliance will promote awareness, information, and training initiatives on these paradigms.

In order to attain their object, these are the essential attributions of the Alliance:

  • Contribute to the study, debate, and dissemination of disruptive technologies by promoting ideas and initiatives that favor the development of solutions in articulation with civil society
  • Collaborate with university and non-university bodies, companies, and institutions
  • To promote initiatives aimed at the debate on experiences and innovations introduced in the field of disruptive technologies research, through the exchange of activities and services with similar associations, national and foreign, organizing congresses, seminars, study groups and participating in international meetings and joint projects
  • Contribute to the creation and consolidation of sustainable projects in the areas of disruptive technologies
  • Promote new dynamics of knowledge generation on disruptive technologies and the materialization of social, cultural, and economic transformation
  • To intervene in the factors that influence the processes of knowledge transfer and creation of organizations in order to maximize their fluidity, improving the competitiveness of Portugal in the international panorama of innovation

Role: Business Developer

Internship Description:

  • Ignite existing & new partnerships
  • Design new business dynamics and revenue models
  • Contact and develop relationships with sponsors
  • Develop and implement customized event management initiatives
  • Execute communication initiatives
  • Gather and evaluate user requirements in collaboration with team and alliance stakeholders
  • Publish content on the website
  • Build a database of local Blockchain companies


  • Proven work experience as a business developer or similar role
  • Base knowledge of Blockchain and DLT
  • Portfolio of sponsoring/events/communication experiences
  • Knowledge of collaboration tools
  • Up-to-date knowledge of agile methodologies
  • Team spirit; strong communication skills to collaborate with various stakeholders
  • Good time-management skills