Internship Code: NYCBS01

Company Description:

A gifting service that makes every city just 3 hours away.

“After being in a long-distance relationship, we quickly found out how difficult it was to stay connected beyond our normal communication patterns. Conquering both the time zone differences and distance is no easy feat; sending a simple message with a cup of coffee could at times be a difficult task.”

So, in February 2016, we set out to fix this issue that couples in a long-distance relationship face every day by launching the first cross-regional gifting service, which delivered Starbucks coffee to loved ones in San Francisco and Taiwan. Started by a group of talented young entrepreneurs, we set out to turn the tide for people in long-distance relationships – which also include families, students studying abroad, people working abroad, and of course, international business partners. We were (and still are) insistent on providing tangible gifts, that are personalized, regionalized, and most importantly, delivered in 3-hours.

In 2017, we officially launched our company, a platform that makes every city just 3 hours away. In just a few clicks on our app or website, you can order a gift that is carefully curated by some of the best product and service providers in the respective region of your loved one; and your gift will be delivered in 3 hours by one of our well-trained packers. From now on, your heart can easily fly across any region no matter how far it is.

Internship Position:

Business Developer Internship

Internship Description:

  • Learn how to make SOLID sales, and learn how to build the business
  • You are interested in sales and business development – you will be interacting with clients and leads on a regular basis
  • You’ll spend your day planning business cooperation, get partners on board, and achieve growth/sales goals for the team
  • You will discuss product issues, & ask engineers for great business developing tools with all your colleagues

Internship Requirements:

  • Major related to Business Development / Sales ( B2B focus )
  • Interest in Business Cooperation / Partnerships / Negotiation
  • Good at Keynote / PowerPoint
  • Good at Excel
  • Confident at Presentation / Pitching
  • Good at Making Connections in the local market
  • Good at understanding the Culture of the local market
  • Good sense of dealing with Data / Numbers

Bonus Experience

  • Proof of English / Mandarin / Japanese / Korean ability
  • Equivalent work experience
  • Motivated to continually improve your skills, sharing and learning every day
  • Exceptional integrity with the desire to create the best possible customer needs and company vision
  • Experience with web-based and data-driven applications