Internship Reference: MANBD04

Company Description:

This companiesvision is to design the world’s most trusted B2B real estate technology platform enabled through the network effect between buildings, users and their data. We are doing this by creating a single page app that will have the simplicity similar to theuse of Instagram, with no more than three clicks to tag a property fixture or fitting and beused to simplify property management.

Worldwide, 1 in 3 trips to manage property are just to look at the issue, not to repair orresolve and this has major sustainability implications around transport as well economicsaround recycling. So we exist to simplify property management for occupiers orhomeowners in collaboration with a marketplace of real estate experts. The insight is,property management challenges are growing due to the increasing complexity ofbuildings and advent of technology within homes. The platform enables property developers/home builders to create a better experience for their purchasers,allows them to organise documentation and connect their approved suppliers to thatbuilding, for its long term management.

This also creates a marketplace opportunity for this data and a connected network of property experts. Additionally, this will also provide any occupier with a platform to organise their home, not only for a new build, though for the secondhand andcommercial space too.

Internship Position:

Business Development Assistant

Internship Description:

The role is to assist in new business development, working with the head of partnerships and the CEO.

The new business activities can be structured into three distinct areas

  1. Building credibility around the brand,
  2. Inbound marketing (Blogs, Linkedin posts etc..) and
  3. Outbound salesactivities (Letters, emails, etc..)

The Intern’s role will be to work across all these activities under supervision. Monday morning meetings will be used to set out the activities and tasksfor the week working alongside our long term plan. Circumstances do change though wehave found from experience that Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to engage innew business activities. Friday’s are generally used to finalise, tidy up and finish off theweek’s tasks e.g. File, organise emails ready for the following week.

The intern will be trained in how to build a new business sales pipeline and followingthrough to handover to customer on-boarding. Most of the training will be throughshadowing team members and the new business team in particular.

  •  Specific software training will be given in HubSpot.com for sales progression and Zapier.
  • The intern will be learning wordpress.org to create posts and edit information.
  • Training in the software will be done by completing specific low skilled technical tasks firstand then increasing the complexity as we gauge the speed at which the intern is learning.
  • You will be sent on local relevant business events throughout the placement inManchester city centre, where they will need to be physically present as e.g. HubSpotmeetups where practical demos and workshops will complete.
  • We will also suggest relevant ‘online’ training courses that need to be completed tounderstand the subject matter specific to the UK new business law Managing contacts and becoming familair using HubSpot CRM
  • Learning about automation through Zapier or similar application
  • Attending events as part of the team if available
  • Creating and editing google sheets documents to key contacts
  • Proof reading internal and external documents
  • Online lead generation work to find relevant contact to market to, currently these are propertydevelopers, property management business and block managers.
  • Update all social media output therefore it is consistent, on message and has the correct grammar, using tools such as grammarly.com
  • Update the news page roomagree.com/news under the guidance of the team
  • The overarching goal of this app is to gain property sector user signups onto the App platform which will eventually drive sales revenue and grow the business.
  • Manage the meetups group
  • Researching admin time and financial costs associated around creating a printed homeownermanual in comparison to our digital version
  • Researching the environmental implications of creating a printed homeowner manual comparedto the DadShed digital version

Programme will consist of:

  • Month 1: Will be focussed on learning numerous software tools and understanding themission of the business.
  • Month 2: At this stage, the vision of the business will be clearer to the intern and will beexpecting more complex tasks to be completed
  • Month 3: By the end of the programme we expect the intern to be able to follow a newbusiness pipeline from lead generation through to registering them as a pilot user. We would also expect the intern would be proficient in a number of software tools in particularHubSpot, SquareSpace and Zapier as well as being able to gain their first new business paidrole elsewhere as graduate professional.

Internship Requirements:

  • The role will include administration, research, marketing and is ideally suited for someone with an interest in the property tech sector.
  • Ability to work independently and part of a team
  • Strong interest in the property sector

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