Position Code: PARBS03

Organisation Description:

This Host Companie’s mission is to help investors and lenders make more sustainable decisions by providing them with assessments that go beyond ESG and include both the negative and positive impacts of their assets, whether listed or private. A leading investor-based impact rating agency – they offer human-augmented transparent, comparable, measurable, and rigorous environmental and social data (impact data).

The goal is for money managers to integrate reliable impact data into their decision-making processes in order to enable capital to finance a positive impact economy – one up for the social and environmental challenges they’re currently facing.


Business Development Intern

Internship Description:

Possible tasks and projects include:

This Internship Host Company is a leading agency for impact analysis and rating and is a close-knit family whose mission is to direct money to an impact economy in order to fix the planet.

How? Equipped with the latest financial technology, rigor, creativity, and passion.


They have developed a solution to measure the social and environmental impact of companies and investment portfolios. It is based on the methodology of the Impact Management Project (IMP), an internationally recognized impact assessment framework linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This solution helps portfolio managers in making investment choices that have desired social and environmental impacts.

Within the Business Development team, you will contribute to the development of the customer database in a context of strong growth. Their solutions are attracting more and more interest from financial market participants (Asset Managers, Banks, ETFs issuers).

Therefore your role will be to participate in the expansion of their client network, through an in-depth and qualitative analysis of the various players in the financial sector (Europe, North America, etc.).

You will be responsible for:

  • Increase prospect’s contacts database
  • Contact mapping within strategic leads (power mapping)

N.B. tasks and projects may vary depending on current priorities. Specific projects and responsibilities will be discussed during an interview.

Internship Requirements:

  • Thoroughness
  • Knowledge of the various financial players
  • Curiosity
  • Analytical skills

Don’t exactly match these requirements? If you have the enthusiasm and want to learn – then speak to Pagoda about this position and we’ll see what is possible!