Reference Code: QDIT23

Company Description:

This is a SaaS (Sotware as a Service) company focused on designing and making robotics that display their software development capabilities in dealing with emerging technologies. This includes robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). It was established in 2011 in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, and moved to Qingdao a year later.They are developing cross platform software for iOS, Android, Windows & Mac. Developers in their team have skills in Java/Kotlin, Swift, Javascript/TypeScript, C++, Python.

The company has several business apps online in the App Store which are distributed worldwide.

Creativity and innovation are this company’s core values.

Internship Position:

C/C++ Developer

Internship Description:

The internship includes but is not limited to the below points. If you are interested in the position and would like to find out more, please apply for the position and we can aim to introduce you to the organisation to further discuss the internship.

  • To develop the cross platform controller middleware for all apps.
  • Write SQL to query database* Write business logic
  • Interact with server API

Internship Requirements:

  • Familiar with C/C++
  • Familiar with SQLite/MySQL, Or SQL language
  • English language
  • Basic knowledge of Chinese language is a plus
  • Able to adapt to a Chinese team