Internship Reference: ZHBS99

Company Introduction:

This is an American operated educational consulting company, with great links between China, the States, UK, and Russia. Seeking to improve international education in China, the Company establishes closer links internationally by promoting exchanges, consulting and assisting with the opening of new schools across China, connecting teachers with opportunities and assisting in providing some of the best educational opportunities for students.

The company also runs programmes such as exchanges, university placements, high school placements for Chinese nationals in America and summer/winter camps in China.

Over the summer, the company will be hosting 40-60 high school students from America, Russia, China and the UK as part of a 14 day summer camp.


Camp Leader

Internship Description:

  • This company is seeking intern(s) for an exciting international summer camp in China
  • Before the arrival of the students, you will be required to prepare orientations and activities for the camp
  • During this internship, you will be responsible for organizing events and activities for between 40 and 60 high school students from the UK, Russia, China and the USA.
  • Put your leadership skills to use in leading a number of activities during the camp, traveling with the group on trips to a diverse range of exciting destinations within China.
  • Encourage friendships, collaboration, and teamwork.
  • Upon returning from the trip, you will be working with the marketing team to put together content and press releases to share the camp experience.



  • The camp is only 14 days long but will require you to work long hours and be flexible
  • Qualifications working on or have finished a Bachelor degree in any subject.
  • Well tempered and kind and understanding personality.  
  • Leadership skills.
  • Must be able to work long, yet very rewarding days.
  • Must be able and willing to travel to activity locations which will include bus and high-speed trains