Internship Reference: ZHHT05

Company Introduction:

The Cultural and Creative Industry Park has a professional, international and innovative team. It aims to devote itself to a new culture, develop a creative industry and strive to build the most distinctive Chinese and Western Creative Industry Park. Beishan is currently looking to explore the international vision of a cultural fusion of art, music and design.

The company’s events are held in Beishan. Beishan is located in Zhuhai; a city in southwest Guangdong Province, bordering Macau. Zhuhai is one of the most important cities in the southern Pearl River Delta (PRD) region. Due to its geographical advantages, Zhuhai has now become an international city with unique and diverse cultural characteristics. Beishan is a main attraction of Zhuhai which over time has inherited its diversity. By combining traditional elements and innovation for music making, Beishan has become a pioneer in delivering and promoting traditional folk music in the world. Since 2010, Beishan Music Festivals have been successfully held in Beishan. There have been 12 editions of the two feature music events – Beishan World Music Festival and Beishan International Jazz Festival – which have brought together a total of 400 musicians from 5 continents and 50 countries. Beishan Festivals have attracted tens of thousands of fans and 150 media companies from around the globe. The Festivals are highly recommended by the Asian Artists Association and the World Culture Center which plays an important role in the culture and music industry of Zhuhai and the PRD region. It is also listed in the top 10 best known music festivals in China. Beishan World Music Festival ranks first whereas Beishan International Jazz Festival is ranked second.

Number of employees: 15

Internship Description:

  • Hotel Promotion
  • Event Organization: Organizing international music festival, artists exhibitions and cultural events
  • Language Training


  • English native speaker
  • College or above degree
  • Major in Hotel Management will be preferred.