Internship Reference: CDIT38

Company Description:

This creative tech start-up was formed in 2013 and develops unique smart charging products. They are a part of Chengdu’s thriving tech start-up community and have their products manufactured in Shenzhen. They previously worked with a number of leading internet companies in China, and are now focusing on launching a first of kind smart charging test hardware that raised significant funding through a Kickstarter campaign. This is great opportunity to work in a highly innovative and creative environment.

Internship Position:

IT and Software Development

Internship Description:

The company have begun production of their Kickstarter funded product and are looking for technically minded people to help when it becomes available for purchase this summer. They can offer experience in:
Web based development (which includes full stack web development, web-front development, server-side programming etc).
System & network engineering (which includes server-side cloud engineering).
Application development (which includes mobile app development [Android/iOS/windows], PC or Mac app development).


  • Strong interest in software development
  • Proficient in software languages
  • Familiar with Unix/Linux based environment
  • Self-driven
  • Ambitious
  • Friendly and out-going
  • Excellent English is an essential
  • Proficiency in other European languages also useful



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