Internship Code: MADIT01

Company Description:

We are tech start-up based in Madrid and we have created a commercial network for the construction industry. We connect buyers (builders) and suppliers for construction via our unique platform, which allows for the centralized and efficient management of supply of materials, systems, and services for construction projects. All without the involvement of intermediaries.

How does it work? The builder publishes their specifications, then our system connects the brief with suppliers that suit their needs. Suppliers send their proposals within the established criteria and deadlines, the offers can then be compared, like for like, through our platforms control centre. Suppliers and buyers can negotiate freely, as we do not charge a commission.

Why are we different? All profiles on our platform are verified by our team to provide maximum reliability. There is a rating system so users can view the score, comments, and previous work of other users. In addition to automatic offers, users can search for companies and opportunities on the network. We essentially offer users a real-time view of the state of the construction market. Finally, users can expand their network by connecting with other companies to discuss collaborations via our live chat function.

Internship Position:

Coding Intern

Internship Description:

Our web platform is built under the LAMP infrastructure (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). All code is custom made using the latest standards and good development practices.

If you want to boost your knowledge of web development, this is your chance!

We will adapt to your abilities so that you do not get bored and always have a new challenge to face and if after finishing the internship you want to continue evolving the company with us, you have many possibilities of ending up being an important member of our team as we grow together.

We are looking for profiles who want to cover the entire stack or specialize in front-end or back-end.


Front-end role, minimum knowledge:

  • Fluency with basic HTML / CSS / JS
  • Basic knowledge of jQuery
  • Interest / experience in Bootstrap

Front-end, valuable knowledge:

  • Gulp / Grunt
  • Sass
  • TalkJS
  • Typeaheads
  • ChartJS / Highcharts
  • d3.js
  • Datatables

Back-end role, minimum knowledge:

  • Fluency with PHP and relational databases (such as MySQL, MariaDB, postgreSQL)
  • Linux basics
  • Understanding the Model-View-Controller software architecture pattern

Back-end role, valuable knowledge:

  • Framework CodeIgniter or similar
  • Stripe
  • Mailchimp API
  • Firebase Auth
  • Experience with git hooks
  • Bash scripting
  • Varnish Caché or similar

Other valuable knowledge:

  • Git, version control
  • Blockchain (smart contracts)
  • BIM or similar construction focused software.
  • SVG vector manipulation
  • English: ability to read texts in their area of expertise, understand interfaces or tools in English and interact with other team members if necessary.

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