Position Code: LISBS28

Company Introduction:

Based in Portugal and the USA, this is a Blockchain As A Service (BAAS) that will be situated on the Binance blockchain to serve as a trusted home base to Impact Generation 1.0 and future generations on the metaverse. The company’s superordinate goal is to create, hold and grow a digital space for social impact (good) actors on the blockchain and in the metaverse. Their home base will evolve on three prongs that will leverage advances in digital technology to meet the needs of current and future impact generations. The main services offered are:

1. Trusted Board and Leadership Strategic Advisory Services

2. Organizational Assessment & Leadership Development: ESG & Social Impact Strategy, Competencies and Metrics, DEI, Innovation, Transformation and Brand Alignment

Their Mission: To develop Sustainable Leaders Globally

Role: Community Analyst

Internship Description:

User Community Tokenomics Analysis and recommendations for the platform.


  • Identify key characteristics of each user segment
  • Develop an interview instrument
  • Conduct interviews
  • Generate and present a findings report with recommendations


  • Interest or understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Analytical skills
  • Interview skills
  • Research skills