Position Code: MADBS36

Company Introduction:

This company was made to write and read about what’s happening around the world, without algorithms deciding what content you consume or language barriers.

They want to connect writers and thinkers globally, providing access to as many aspects or “sides of the truth”.

What they do at a short glance;

  • This company gives you the tools to publish articles with international visibility.
  • For writers, they eliminate the headaches of creating your own successful blog from scratch, so you only need to focus on writing.
  • For readers, they offer content from around the globe, without any filters or agendas.

Role: Content Partnerships & Marketing Intern

Internship Description:

We are a web & app that allows writers to publish articles online without worrying about time and money spent on tech, design, SEO or marketing when creating your own blog. Unifying everyone in a single platform with translatable articles & comments. We have tested out the platform with initial writers and plan to do marketing campaigns during the summer. In this position, you would assist 3 others with social media design, finding writers & partnerships with editorials, collecting feedback, analyzing analytics, content marketing…

We are a total of 6 (3 for marketing and partnerships and 3 for tech), all remote and following the agile/lean method of working. We do weekly objectives and meetup Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Some tasks include

  • Adding Prospects and Leads into the CRM cards
  • Moderating the content daily
  • Keeping up with the news weekly and scraping articles of current events (we have the scraper built)
  • Maintaining relationships with our partners
  • Following analytics, pitching ideas, optimizing SEO…


Social skills