Internship Reference: CDED26

Company Description:

Setting cultural communication as the vision, international community as the target and professional teaching service as the mission this organisation focus on creating an immersing environment for expats to learn Chinese language whilst developing a better understanding of the people and place, where they live and work.

They advocate putting people first and customise personalised language courses for students. So far, it has provided language services to students from more than 20 countries. They are committed to providing students with interesting content and practical language courses.

Besides language courses and workshops, they also organise Cultural events to help Chinese learners understand how profound Chinese culture is. To date, they have held more than 30 events with up to 1000 attendees.

The event themes include Tea Ceremonies, Chinese Painting, Mahjong, Tie-dye, Shadow Puppets, Silver Handicrafts, Han Fu, Gu Qin, and events based on Traditional Festivals. The cultural events help expats feel more engaged in Chinese environment, which helps them understand more about the language nuances.

Internship Position:

Course Consultant & Marketing

Internship Description:

  • Responsible for the promotion of courses, understand the needs of customers, and help them choose and determine appropriate courses
  • Responsible for customer experience, following up the learning progress of customers, and continuously helping them to make follow-up learning plans
  • Actively participate in all kinds of foreign business and cultural activities, promote brands, and complete course consulting
  • Actively participate in the school’s cultural activities and assist in marketing promotion and activity implementation
  • Work on Marketing and content creation tasks, producing and editing contentfor use on Social Media platforms

Internship Requirements:

  • Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Outgoing, enthusiastic, fluent in expression, clear thinking, good at communication and getting along with people
  • Familiar with or frequent use of major foreign social platforms
  • Strong learning ability and ability to work under pressure
  • Passionate about education industry, service-oriented, with long-term career development goals