Position Code: MADIT10

Company Introduction:

Training, gamified and personalized learning with private ranking, through challenges, missions, rewards…

This company is an online cybersecurity training platform. They create a unique cybersecurity training experience to boost protection in your company or institution with your own content or with your content that they adapt to their platform.

Computer threats are increasing, and devices, servers, electronic systems, nets, and data protection are consolidating as the biggest challenges for companies and professionals.

This company sets you up with real training scenarios in cyber security.

Role: Junior Developer

Internship Description:

The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing, testing, debugging and managing server-side platform applications, APIs, containers and more back-end topics for the company.


  •  Developing, testing, debugging and managing website back-ends.
  •  Infrastructure and content management
  • Preparing APIs to connect with front-ends platforms.
  •  Build reusable code and libraries for future use.
  •  Accurately translate user and business needs into functional back-end code.


  • Experience building PYTHON back-ends environments.
  • Experience in back-end development.
  • Familiarity using Scrum/Agile development methodologies.
  • Experience using Cloud virtual machines and containers.
  • Cyber Security/Pentesting knowledge is a plus.