Internship Reference: TPIT44

Company Description:

It is a leading digital signage operator in Taiwan working with major retail chains. Starting out as a hardware/software company more than 15 years ago, they have pivoted to be a media and data company. In support of their digital out-of-home media operations, they have an on-going need for both data analyses and data visualization.

This requires the ability to learn existing business processes and perform quantitative analyses with regular feedback. This internship would start with understanding existing business processes and the resultant data. You would be expected to propose specific analyses and/or visualization project(s) and getting them done. Final milestones are presenting findings and lead the transition process – ideally, they like to implement your ideas into algorithms for the business processes.

Internship Description:

  • Primarily interaction would be with the tech/data department, but they expect a reasonable comfort level interacting with the rest of the company.
  • Initial analysis for business processes and resultant data
  • Make proposals for quantitative data analyses and devise strategies with senior management
  • Implement ideas through algorithms

Internship Requirements:

  • Comfortable with a less structured (start-up-ish) office environment
  •  Comfortable with (some of) the following technical tools and concepts Javascript (ES6+), HTML5, and CSS3.
  • React and Redux framework.
  • git operations.
  • Unit testing tools such as Jest or Mocha.
  • Familiar with RWD and PWA.
  •  Redux-Observable.
  •  Familiar chart libraries such as C3.js and amCharts.
  •  Familiar with RESTful.
  •  Microsoft SQL Server and Elastic search.
  •  Python, Java, and Scala
  •  Google Cloud Data proc for Spark/Hadoop
  •  Self-directed in time management, project management, and problem-solving
  •  Comfortable with taking feedback
  • Preferred:
    Team members that you will interact directly with all have a good working command of English. Nevertheless, high tolerance to function in a non-English/Asian environment would provide better sanity for all sides.
    – Comfortable in quickly ramp up on technology and media practices ( they are happy to teach you).
    – Comfortable with impromptu cake and booze breaks
    – Japanese language