Internship Reference: TPBS90

Company Description:

This Marketing Group is made up of two primary components. The first of which is an influencer marketing agency focused on helping East Asia-based brands expand their influence to the United States and Europe through paid social media influencers, predominately on YouTube.

The other aspect is their Software-as-a-Service platform which is a database of statistics and analytics to assist marketers with influencer discovery and evaluation. This product was launched in Q3 2020 and is currently the primary focus of the group.

Internship Position:

Data Analyst Internship

Internship Description:

  • Evaluating the currently existing database for additional useful calculations for their users
  • Helping the development team prioritize new data points to be collected
  • Creating data analytic reports on user usage as well as their database to guide business decisions
  • Organize non-product based data to assist with marketing and sales
  • Generate interesting insights to assist in content marketing creation
  • Assist in the labeling of data for the training set of a machine learning algorithm

Internship Requirements:


  • Strong performance in mathematics & statistics coursework
  • Ability to use Excel with advanced functionality
  • Have a taste for data visualization
  • Have general familiarity with YouTube & social media
  • Be a self-starter


    • Mandarin Chinese proficiency
    • Experience doing data manipulation through programming (Python, R, etc.)
    • Experience with Google Analytics
    • Front-end development ability (Typescript, Vue.js)