Internship Reference: TPBS21

Company Introduction:

The mission of the company is to help teachers and students engage with content designed for native speakers.

They want to help teachers build lesson plans designed around the latest and most interesting content on the internet. They want to help language students move on from their textbooks to content designed for native speakers. They want international students and foreign professionals, studying in say English, to be able to fully understand their course materials. And they want everyone with an interest in a foreign language and culture to be able to immerse themselves in its media and entertainment.

At the moment they offer access to a vast amount of free content and the functionality for language learners to understand, making the free version of their product a great resource for teachers and their students. In the future they will offer additional premium features within the app, commercial dictionaries and premium content, all designed to help students learn even faster.


9-12 Months

Internship Position and Potential Responsibilities:

This company typically has 1-2 interns who work in Digital Marketing for a specific language area. The responsibilities are as follows:

+ Conducting digital marketing strategies/ Blogging/ Market support for the relevant language type.
+ Modifying, translating content for the relevant language type.
+ Offering direct support to the users of the app.
+ Spearheading Business Development and research markets and into schools and teachers of English Speaking countries.
+ Summarising, translating and editing of marketing content.


+ You are highly motivated and target driven.
+ You learn fast, take initiative, and are proven in managing both time and tasks.
+ Currently enrolled in a Bachelor or Master program or in between a Bachelor and Master program studying Marketing or Education or International Business/ Relations.
+ Fluent in one of these languages at least to a native standard AS WELL as English: German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese.
+ Abroad studies or work experience in Taiwan, PR China or Hong Kong are a plus.