Internship Reference: QDBS16

Company Description:

This company was founded by a Swiss living in China close to 10 years and specialises in operating Chinese Marketplaces like JD.com, Tmall, Taobao, Xiaohongshu, suning.com etc. for their clients. This could be with a produced in China-, normal B2B import-, or Cross-border E-Commerce -model. They are a so called Trusted Partner (TP), a service provider. Next to E-Commerce operations, the company learns every day about China Social Media Management and Influencer Marketing, trying to share their knowledge as an added value for their customers, handling their customers’ digital footprint in China.

Internship Position:

Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

Internship Description:

This is a digital marketing internship (E-Commerce & Chinese Social Media) at a startup company in Qingdao, China. The company is developing a new WeChat food shop with focus on Expats, therefore they need an English speaking Intern to assist them. The internship incorporates varies roles and responsibilities, thus the suitable candidate should be an initiative taker and be open to different challenges and accepting of different tasks assigned to them. It’s an office based role in a Chinese environment with very little English spoken, hence being able to work independently is a must. Internship roles include:

  • Social Media Marketing: Operation of WeChat official account, doing research and copywriting of interesting articles on official WeChat account. Interacting with followers and conducting active WeChat marketing (Groups, followers, moments etc).
  • Marketing: Assisting in general marketing related work for example, helping in doing photo shoots, events make up/research recipes and maybe assist in baking/cooking the products.
  • E-commerce: Helping in shop setup and management. For example, editing products’ description, uploading pictures and text into shop back-end and providing English language customer service.
  • Account Management: At some point the intern might be required to directly receive inputs from the shop owner about social media and other related work. As well as helping to create monthly reports in English, based on backed data with Excel and PowerPoint.

Internship Requirements:

  • Excellent English and communication skills (ideally with some sample article and if not native, English Language certificate needed)
  • Should be undergoing/have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, with understanding of how to do independent research on certain topics, ideally with a Marketing/Social Media focus
  • Should be able to work independently after receiving a task, even thinking one step ahead
  • Should have good writing skills (copywriting)
  • Should be familiar with dairy products, ideally grown up with dairy as part of daily nutrition. Being a ‘foodie’ is beneficial
  • Open to entrepreneurial work environment, thinking out of the box, meaning accepting to do things outside of their job description or work field to help achieve goals
  • Good Microsoft Office tools knowledge (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • German language is a plus
  • Chinese language is a plus
  • Ideally European

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