Internship Code: TPIT54

Company Description:

The founder started this company out of his frustration of not being able to find a clipless bike pedal that worked for him. After falling during a triathlon because he couldn’t unclip during a turn, he decided to develop a bike pedal that provides safety without losing out on performance.

Since then, they’ve spent two years building the technology that allowed them to create the product. Cycling with cleats shows just how the power transfers from your body to your bike. But, an expected stop, a steep hill, or bump in the road makes you regret putting the cleats on and getting chained to your bike in the first place.

Their product is for the daily commuter, triathlete, beginner rider, and professional alike. The company hopes to bring customers the experience of professional race pedal set in a way that prioritizes their safety and maximizes their efficiency.

Internship Position:

E-commerce Web Developer Front/Back End

Internship Description:

This company’s partners are a mix of cycling enthusiasts, retailers, distributors, marketing agencies, and direct sellers located in many countries, selling in multiple currencies, and supporting several languages. They want to create one portal as the global point of entry that integrates the various e-commerce solutions around the world. The visitors should be automatically directed through Internet geolocation to the most relevant e-commerce website. Each of these sites provides the visitor with the option to change the location. In addition to this global platform, they want to offer their distribution partners a branded and pre-configured online store as a template. The theme and content should be easily localized and maintained by their international partners.

Your challenges:

  • Analyze current deployments, identify the best suitable geolocation solution, and integrate it or help to integrate it across all platforms
  • To work with a web designer to incorporate CI and award-winning product design into one store framework based on one or more popular e-commerce platforms and CMS that can be rapidly localized and maintained by non-coders
  • Come up with a system and workflow that allows the company to share content and media quickly through their network and channels customer inquiries
  • Communicate with project shareholders across the globe to understand their requirements and to make sure that they are heard

Internship Requirements:

  • You are an ambitious student looking for a challenging project that will make a difference
  • Being able to communicate with people from all kinds of backgrounds and various levels of internet and computer savviness
  • Strong background in modern web development and eCommerce
  • Basics in Shopify (Liquid, Theme Kit), JavaScript (jQuery mostly), HTML, Webflow (WordPress)
  • You should have previous Webflow or Shopify experience to be considered for this position – please outline your experience when applying