Internship Reference: SGED01

Company Introduction

At the most basic level, this company provides academic support, but their goal is far more audacious: to inspire every student to acquire a life-long love for learning. We challenge our students to dream big; then, we empower them to pursue their goals with determination and grit.
While many of the students improve their grades in school dramatically after just months with us, we are most proud of their changes in attitude. The students realize that when you progress in mastery, learning is fun, and our students develop can-do attitudes about challenges in general.
We create a nurturing yet challenging environment that helps students master difficult concepts with the right level of support from teachers and peers. We couple technology with devoted teachers to give every student the personalized attention to find success faster.

Internship Position

Summer Camp Teaching Assistant

Internship Description

● Support teachers with preparing class materials
● Assist teachers in classroom management
● Teach selected modules of lesson plans and run learning activities of our courses.
● Tutor/provide proper help to individual or groups of students to master learning concepts
● Observe and record student attendance, compliance, performance to assess progress. Highlight specific students who need attention.
● Coordinate with teachers and curriculum designers in the revamping of teaching method, lesson plan, homework and test


● Comfortable in speaking, writing and lecturing in English (fluent with standard pronunciation)
● Currently enrolling in a top university with strong academic performance (majors in Education, Math, Science and Engineering are desired)
● Experience in working with children or in classroom setting is preferred.