Internship Reference: ZHED19

Company Description:

This company was established in 2011. Since then, they have been focused on preparing Chinese students to study abroad or apply to famous international schools in China. The have an enthusiastic team who love what they do.

They hope to: build an enterprise in which international talents are cultivated through responsibilities.

They aim at: fostering students to be academically competent in world-renowned schools.

They believe in: equality, justice and kindness.

Internship Position:

Education and Cultural Explorer

Internship Description:

  • Work as a teaching assistant to help teachers with their job.  This could include answering students’ questions and grading vocabulary quizzes.
  • Participate in classes in which the age of students may vary from 5 to 14, according to the intern’s interest.
  • Discuss with local English teachers about teaching strategies and designs of classes.
  • Deliver presentations on culture/education to local teachers and students.

The company will be flexible in terms of what the intern wishes to focus on during the internship.

Internship Requirements:

  • A passion for working with children and being interested in education.
  • Must be patient, caring and outgoing.
  • English native speakers are preferred.
  • Majors in education preferred.

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