Internship Code: TPIT43

Company Description:

This company provides a Digital Design product, re-worked from the ground up. It provides visual and intuitive design to prototype websites and apps, and is currently working on a new powerful product adapted to the digital age.

Designing websites and apps — what the company calls Digital Design — is  different from Print Design. However, despite these differences, the company has tried for years adapt existing Print Design-products into digital tools, piece by piece.

Internship Position

Engineer Internship at Digital Design Company

Internship Description:

  • Learn the key skills behind Digital Design for websites and apps, such as the layout and of the platforms and user experience
  • Code review, which focuses on the interaction design and how code has been used efficiently to benefit the website user
  • Interns will be asked to use their creativity and ideas to help with the design of websites or apps

Internship Requirements:

  • Fluent English (written & spoken)
  • Organised, diligent, and independent attitude
  • Basic Excel and Google Docs skills
  • Experience in UI, UX design is a plus
  • Computer science or design background is a must