Position Code: QDEN13

Company Introduction:

This is a branch of an engineering company registered in the EU. They provide intelligent solutions for the metal processing industry, compatible Manufacturing 4.0 approach.

Their factory in Poland employs 50 people to design and manufacture steel components using: MIG/TIG and laser welding, CNC machining and bending, laser cutting. Five industrial robots are employed for complex tasks;  Robotics, artificial intelligence and computer vision are the three main pillars of their product and services. Their current focus is to develop a prototype of a robotised system for autonomous arc welding.

From a recently opened branch in China, the company delivers engineering solutions and remotely works together with the team in Europe. They also run a non-profit educational project with an international school in Qingdao, to popularise robotics among young students in mid and high school.

Role: Engineering Internship

Internship Description:

The internship can be tailored to the candidate’s skills.

What you will do;

  • Design electromechanical parts of the robotic system: grippers, holders, actuators
  • Create 3D models of parts used for robotic simulation
  • Write, test and simulate robotic programs using the parts you created. The Company will physically make what you designed, attach it to the robot so you will be able to physically validate your design
  • Develop simple scripts for computer vision
  • Integrate Arduino and simple webserver to control industrial robots
  • Document your work

You will get practical knowledge and training on the following;

  • Training on basics of robot programming with access to the industrial robot (via remote access and video link)
  • Practical aspects of robot’s kinematics, calibration and maintenance
  • Basics of computer vision applied for real-life industrial applications
  • Basics of industrial pneumatics: main components, piping, calculus
  • Sourcing technical products from China and validating Chinese suppliers
  • Practical basics of running a business in China
  • Practical basics of import and export between China and other countries: WTO, HS codes, VAT, tariffs, logistics
  • Basics of accounting: profit and loss, balance sheet, net margin, cash flows
  • Business culture in China and the West


  • Speaks English
  • Able to work independently (remote internship)
  • Engineering education (robotics, mechatronics, electronics, IT or similar)
  • Proactiveness, positive attitude and adaptability
  • Confidence to suggest new ideas and support a small team a bonus