Internship Code: LUXFN01

Company Description:

This is an FinTech consulting firm founded in Luxembourg who consult on projects in the Islamic Finance field, as well as conventional finance. Our motive is to elevate the trust of the community in disruptive FinTech projects.

Emerging technologies, like blockchain and artificial intelligence, have not been deeply understood by the solution providers. This, often results in a mismatch between the pain point and suggested solution, in the medium and long term (stress test) scenarios.

Our consultancy is led by an interconnected team of unparalleled experts with backgrounds in academic research, practical experience and business development. We bring customized consulting services on relevant emerging technologies on strategy, execution, and scaling of FinTech projects. We make sure that our customer’s product is technologically sound as well as Shariah-compliant where necessary.

To summarize, our goal is to provide needed deep insights and guidance in the adoption of latest, proven, and cutting-edge technology in the domain of the finance sector, aligned to the pace of technological advancements. Our vision, mission and mantra is to empower corporations and SMEs with the technological tools to achieve financial inclusion, equality and sustainability.

Internship Position:

Financial Analysis Internship

Internship Description:

  • Research potential customers – these will include banks, insurance firms, Islamic Fintech organisations etc.
  • Carry out in-depth analysis of their financial situation and existing services and processes
  • Conduct a study on the existing management strategies
  • Propose a way/ tool to enhance it using technology
  • Integrate automation wherever possible
  • Do a cost-benefit analysis of the proposed solution vs existing solutions
  • Consider areas where technology and automation might help increase efficiency and improve processes for clients
  • Create an in-depth report based on your findings, with a focus on the amount of money that could be saved with the implementation of automation, blockchain or other technology
  • Propose a tool/ methodology to automate to distinguish deals that come within the Islamic framework
  • Put forward suggestions for improvements in key areas of the business that can be incorporated into a proposal

Possible future outcomes of your work:

  1. We might develop the tools proposed if the cost reduction and efficiencies achieved are noteworthy;
  2. If interested an article can be written on the same to submit for publishing in a reputed journal;
  3. Possibility of a future permanent role with us

Internship Requirements:

  • Good understanding of the Finance/ FinTech sector
  • Knowledge of Islamic Banking and Shariah-compliancy would be a bonus
  • Study background or experience in finance, analysis, business management, accounting, automation or blockchain would be helpful
  • Ability to speak English
  • Fluency in other key languages such as Arabic would be a bonus