Internship Reference: DLFN07

Company Description:

The company was founded in December 2017. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to developing a stable and profitable quantitative trading system by virtue of its technical team’s years of practical experience, combining the world’s most advanced trading technology and management philosophy, integrating big data resources and IT technology, so as to help investors obtain good returns in foreign exchange and other transactions markets. In the future development, we will launch more high-quality financial products and services, and also dare to break the industry framework, take the lead in the industry, and promote industry innovation.

Internship Position:

Financial Assistant Analyst

Internship Description:

  • participate in and complete the research work of relevant international projects, such as the research on the varieties of international stocks, futures and options, especially currencies, as well as the comparative research on financial policies of different countries;
  • assist in the promotion or international communication of relevant projects, such as participating in the foreign language publicity activities of various conferences, as well as the services for foreign clients and foreign information services for Chinese clients;
  • assist in the collection and collation of international financial and economic information;
  • assist in completing data analysis and testing related to financial transactions

Internship Requirements:

  • Preferred applicant’s major: Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, Computing
  • Basic Chinese Mandarin skills
  • working fluency in English language
  • interest in, ideally experience in foreign exchange / equities markets
  • previous experience in finance industry / forex trading / equities markets is a strong plus

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