Internship Reference: SGFN01

Company Introduction

The company is an international investment firm, that works with international investors and connecting them with large scale real estate projects in the United States, China and Vietnam. The company currently has projects in tandem with the University of Montana as well as in Sarasota, FL and other parts of the United States.
Interns will have the opportunity to work alongside the American CEO and founder to has spent his entire career in Asia.

Interns will be learning aspects of the international investment market, real estate investing as well as investment and immigration laws of both the United States, Vietnam and China.

Number of Staff: 30

Internship Position

Finance Internship

Internship Description

Interns looking to gain experience and insight into an international investment group would be well suited. The company manages invest projects in the United States for Chinese and Vietnamese investors and the internship provides the opportunity to see the ins and outs of a project’s development. This internship is project focused and finance interns would be asked to build data systems, apply statistical models and have the opportunity to draw from 5 years worth of project data to understand how these types of investment projects have grown in the past half decade.

● Building data systems of current projects
● Developing and applying statistical models to fiscal and investment data
● Researching past trends and conducting market research about current projects in order to build predictions
● Leveraging financial background and initiative to launch projects that further the company’s understanding of how specific projects are developing and how the company is faring in the broader market place.


● 2-month minimum
● English language skills are a must
● Background in finance with strong skills in statistics and modeling
● Initiative is a must and the ability to work independently on projects