Internship Reference: CDBS105

Company Description:

This company is the Chengdu division of a China-based French business consultancy offering business consulting and events management services to foreign companies already based in, or hoping to establish a presence in, the People’s Republic of China. It is a non-profit organisation that aims to represent French companies doing business in China and provides a platform for businesses to network, cooperate, develop and prosper. The Chengdu branch represents 19 international French companies in the Chengdu/Chongqing region and its staff are primarily responsible for events management and giving business advice to clients working in this region. There are currently looking for passionate interns to bring new ideas to their events management team!

Internship Position:

Project Development Intern

Internship Description:

This is a varied and diverse internship that offers interns the opportunity to develop a range of different skills. Interns would be responsible for the creation, promotion, organisation and execution of events attended by up to 100 people (such as gala dinners, themed nights, business visits, networking events). More specifically, this shall involve:

  • Producing marketing materials using Photoshop, Illustrator and other CGI software
  • Promoting your events over a variety of social media platforms
  • Going out to meet clients directly to develop relationships and scope potential event locations
  • Working closely with the other staff to design and organise creative and unique events
  • Seeing the event management process through from start to finish – you can watch your vision become a reality!


  • Marketing/Business major preferred but not necessary
  • Fluency in French – a must!
  • Basic English competence – a must!
  • Chinese skills would be a plus
  • A good level of competence with Photoshop Creative Suite
  • Outgoing and proactive personality – you will be meeting lots of new people and making relationships all the time, this is not an office job!
  • Creative and imaginative – your job is to create spectacles and tell stories with your events!

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